Face masks and weddings.

Hello girls, so today has been so exiting! The royal wedding has been and gone and now half the female population are either A- figuring out ways how to lure prince Harry into marrying them or B- crying over the fact WE WANTED A DISNEY WEDDING AND NEED A PRINCE CHARMING! aughhh!
Anyway, it was beautiful, she was beautiful, he was dashing, it all went to plan etc etc. I’m very jealous… But at the same time incredible proud to be part of England and the wonderful event that has taken place.
Anyway, while watching the run up to the wedding (8 o’clock in the morning I started!) I plonked on a home made face mask. Now I’ve never ever tried a home made one before, but the thought has always appealed to me. So I grabbed
1 medium bannana
1 table spoon of honey
And a dolop of yogurt
I mixed and mushed this all together, and then spread it across my neck and face. I left it on for aprox 20 mins ( or keep it on till you get bored)and then rinsed it off with warm water. Ta da, soft skin. My skin is a normal to dry skin so I would definitely recommend using this mask if you have a normal to dry skin.
If you have any face mask recipes I’d love to hear them.
Kate xx


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