My Skincare Routine

I make time for my skin. Day, night, drunk, asleep, I make sure I show my skin some love. Make up comes off every night, and I try not to touch my face to often with my grubby fingers So here’s my skin care routine to achieving fabulous skin.
My skin is normal to dry and doesn’t have many blemishes, so if your skin is polar opposite to mine please remember while some products may work for me, they may not for you.
So first of all, every night I give my skin a deep clean. This is a must! You must, must, must clean your skin at night to get all the nasty’s off of it that have been hitchhiking a ride though out the day. You wouldn’t believe how dirty your skin gets during the day! Pollution, parasites, old make up. Just yuck!
So first up I wear really heavy thick mascara though out the day and find it a bugger to get off, so I have been using Boots Botanics eye make up remover. This eye make up remover gently dissolves the mascara from my eyes and doesn’t irate. Which is great for my sensitive eyes!

I then clean my face with my No7 Hot cloth cleanser. Hot cloth cleansing is a real quick and easy way to achieving a deep clean, while still being really kind and gentle to your skin. All you do is massage the cream onto your face, then pop a hot muslin cloth over the top. This will open your pores and allow you to give them a good clean out with the cloth. You then run the same cloth under a cold tap and remove the cream from your face, this will also remove all the yucky stuff on top of your skin, exfoliate it gently and close them pores back up nice and tight.

I then use my Oilatum Natural Repair cream. I love this moisturizer but find it to heavy for day time use. Using it at night time insures I wake up with extremely soft skin that rivals a babies bum.

Now every three nights I use my Zen-Tan face tanner, I usually wait ten minutes for my moisturizer to soak in, then I apply it all over my face and neck. Come morning I wake up with a nice even glowing face, thanks Zen tan!

My morning routine is a complete separate affair. Your skin isn’t dirty in the morning, but it will have some dead skin cells on top of it from where it has been renewing itself over night and dust from your pillow. So my morning routing is really about waking up and refreshing my skin.
I’m currently using Murad essential-c cleanser, which you apply to a wet face and wash off with water, I find using water on my skin in the morning does the trick to wake it up.

I then use Clarins Daily energizer wake-up boost. It acts like a toner and gives my face that one last wake up call it needs.

My choice of moisturiser is the Nivea pure and natural day cream for dry skin. This moisturizer is lovely, it keeps my skin soft and supple without leaving a greasy film over the top. I totally recommend it and if you haven’t had the pleasure of trying it yet, get your bum down to Superdrug where its on offer for three squid!

I hope this has been helpful for some one.
Kate xxx



  1. May 23, 2011 / 8:22 pm

    I'm so lazy with my skincare routine, must follow your lead & make sure I do it every am & pm!

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