Dior’s Crème Apricot

I first came across this nail cream when I was embarking in a love affair with Dior make up. A rather expensive one at that! Everything about Dior appeals to me, class, elegance, beauty and that is just the packaging! So whilst browsing my local stand ( my purse clearly was wetting itself from fear!) the lovely Dior sales assistant recommended me the Crème Apricot nail cream. I knew she had been glancing down at my bitten nails and must of felt quite excited at the prospect of having a very easy sale.
“This product would be marvellous for you madam” Dior (money stealer) sales lady.
“Oh really? Why, what is so ‘special’ about this?” Me (and truth be told, at this point in my life I had never cared for nail cream, a whole pot of cream for my nails, PAH! Better things to buy)
“Well dear, use this for three nights a week before bed and your rough nail skin will be softened, there fore making your nails stronger and allowing them to grown longer” Dior sales lady.
“longer, stronger nails…” Me ( She could feel me wavering at this point so she went in for the kill with…).
“And also, this wonderful cream can be used on your lips for a luxurious lip cream, so your getting two products in one.” Dior (now smug) sales lady.
BAM! She had me hook line and sinker. Two products for one! Who am I to question that! So the Cream is 18 quid and if we half that (this is a two in one product!) that makes it £9! £9 for a nail cream and £9 for a lip balm, ok still a tad bit pricey, but this is Dior, well worth it!
So that was two years ago, and I still have the same pot! I did make a investment that day because I could not live without it now and as said above, it last for yonks! The smell (apricots funny enough) is lick able and the cream itself is so thick and creamy. I do use this nearly every other night and the results do the talking, my nails are long And healthy which coming from a ex nail biter is shocking enough!
The packaging is a nice pretty white container with the Christian Dior logo on the front, very swarve.
Miss Christina Aguilera herself is a fan, and every review I have seen online for this has been a outstanding one.
So as far as nail creams go, this has to be for me the best, it works and hey, its Dior….
Kate xxx


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  1. Sonia
    November 15, 2012 / 6:25 pm

    I have been wanting this for quite a while and now that my cuticles and the skin around them is in such a nice state due to the weather and normal tasks, I am finally considering to buy it and this time for real. Thank you for your review and do you still have the same pot?

    Thanks, take care.

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