Dove Summer glow + soft shmmer

If i had black hair as sin and lips the colour of a rose i could pass as snow white (minus the evil stepmother and them helpful dwarfs) BUT i have neither of these, I’m blond with not a bit of colour about me Barr the freckles that like to put in a appearance when the suns doing its job (HAHA).
Due to this fact I’m constantly wanting to be a bronzed goddess but sadly i just end up looking like a burnt strawberry (the sun) or a extra for one of Willy Wonkas ompa lumpas (fake tan).
Ive always been a fan of gradual tanners, i feel more in control and to be honest they fit in with my lazy girl routine. Ive been trying out Doves summer glow gradual tanner recently and so far its ticking all the right boxes,
nice brown glow, none of this orange business.
Easy to use, as its a cream i find myself frantically rubbing it in and thereby avoiding streaks.
Not to bad a scent… OK I’m not gonna lie after a while the fake tan smell does creep up but it is by no means as offencive as some of the previous ones i have tried.
Leaves a nice moisture to the skin. Now this i am really impressed with, i usually find any moisturiser with tanner in to eventually end up being quite drying, but the dove one does leave my skin feeling soft to touch for the whole day.

Ive been using the medium to dark (no tan fear here!) summer glow every other night for the past two weeks and its lasted lovely, no flaking off or getting patchy and the more you use it the more build up of colour you achieve.

If your scared to fake tan but really want to try get your glow on then this could be for you, and its currently at boots for  a amazing £2.49! You can pick it up with out the shimmer but i quite like the little shimmery particles in the soft shimmer version, they give a nice sheen to the skin.


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