Lancaster Tan Maximiser

I love a great after sun, being quite fair i always smother myself in SPF and i always finish the day with a good after sun if Ive spent the day frolicking about in the sun. One of my favourites this summer so far has been Lancaster’s Tan Maximiser, i know we haven’t been seeing a lot of the sun (YET!?) but on the very rare days we have been this has been my after sun of choice.

One hot afternoon i had spent a good few hours in a quaint little beer garden and when i got home i caught a glimpse of what seem to be a gigantic red flag on my back, alas it wasn’t it was sun burn!! After panicking i had no after sun in the house i remember this product hiding beneath the clutter of my sun care draw and immediately slathered myself in it. Its recommended on the bottle you use it for at least 4 days, so for 4 days straight morning and night i smothered my sun burn in this and not only did the burn disappear i was left with a slight tan! Which is most unusual for me because once i burn i peel quicker then the speed of light.
The cream itself is very light and cooling and absorbs quickly so you don’t have the painful task of rubbing your sunburn (ouch!). 

The only somewhat down side of this product is it smells like soap or them really cheap baby wipes you can pick up in the 99p store at 4 for a pound, but its bearable and defiantly worth putting up with.
You can also use this a few weeks before setting off on your holidays as it encourages the melanin in your skin and makes it easier and safer to tan as you wont need to spend so long soaking up the old sun rays.

Not meaning to point out the obvious but always apply after sun after you have washed all your sun protection off as sun cream is made to last and if not washed off properly it will clog pores and leave a unsightly mess.
And one more thing, do not make the mistake i made one year of applying OIL to your burnt area, i could feel the skin cooking underneath! Use a product designer for after sun exposure or a cooling cream/gel with Aloe Vera in.
Lets all keep our fingers crossed for some summer sun now.


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