1950s Bombshell

1/ Base, Foundation was still very much heavy with a matte and smooth look, This base was to look more young and radiant though, so we need a peaches and cream base. Foundation with a more pinky undertone or a pink based powder. And again the same as the 40s we can stick closer to natural skin coloring.

2/ Blush, We are still keeping to our pinky blush tones and rose shades. Apply these along the cheekbones and below the apple of your cheek, also take them up to your temple the same as we did with the 40s blush.
3/ Eyebrows, eyebrows have come a long way since the 20s, by now they were thick dark and so arched they could take someones eye out. Your best off using a pencil here to create the sharpness of the 50s brow, if they are looking a little to harsh you can smooth them out gently with a beauty blender or sponge. Brown and back pencils would of been used together, even if you were blonde. 
4/ Eyes, Eye makeup was becoming a bit more dramatic in the 50s, the colours used were still grays and browns. Apply a natural shadow to the lid and in the crease apply a darker shadow and blend out, and up toward the temple. The eyeliner was drawn close to the lash line and winged out slightly, do this also under your eye with a brown or grey powder (not on the waterline) and meet this line up with your wing. You can smudge this out if it looks to harsh. Mascara was used and corner lashes or full lashes were too;
5/ Lips, the lips were a work of art in the 50s, all full and sometimes highlighted in the center with either white powder or clear gloss. Dont be afraid to take your lip pencil over your top lip line. Lipstick, Lip Liner and lip gloss would of all been used to really plump up the lips. Red is the only way to go with the bombshell look. 


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