1960s Babe

1/ Base, So by the time the 60s came round the ladies of the day were again embracing the pale look, But compared to the full on base of the previous decades the base was kept a lot sheerer. And by the end of the 60s the base was very luminous and ladies were known for painting on freckles if they were not blessed with natural sun kisses. Powder should still be used but only a very light dusting.

2/Blush, A little natural blush can be applied to the apples of the cheeks for that natural flushed look.

3/ eyebrows, in the 60s the eyebrows were groomed and kept to their natural colour. No sharp angles here, they were more rounded. They were also set further apart to give the eyes a more wide eyed look.

4/ Eyes, 60s are well known for that cut crease eye look. You want to start with a shadow close to your skin tone and apply that all over the lid. The over the top of this a white powder eye shadow. Then with a small brush and a dark brown or grey you want to create your cut crease. This is a line in the socket. Wing it slightly up at the end of your crease. The with a small blending brush (and i mean tiny) you want to blend the upper part of the cut crease shadow out. Dont blend the bottom or we will lose the shape. You can then go over this line again with your dark shadow if you feel you have lost some definition. Next is eyeliner. Keep it small at the front, bigger in the middle, then smaller again and out to a slight flick. Everything you are doing is to create a bigger eye. If you keep the eyeliner all one shape you will create a cat eye, which is not what we want.
Apply mascara, then pop on falsies. If you feel you cant see the white so much anymore feel free to go back in and touch it up. White eyeliner should also be placed in the inner lower lash line.
Lower false eyelashes can also be worn or drawn on.

5/ Lips, lips were kept pale with no lipliner. They were slightly rounded to give a rosebud shape.


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