1940s Diva and Pin Up


1/ Base, So we are going to need a full coverage base for this look. 1940s was again all about the flawless base and quite heavly powdered. This time though we can go for a closer to skin tone match for the foundation.

2/ Cheeks, So our divas would of used a rose colour with a blue undertone and this was placed on the high point of the cheekbone and blended up and out to the temple. 
3/ Eyebrows, By this point the one lined eyebrow was making a exited and a more ‘natural’ brow was taking its place. The brows were thicker then 30s eyebrows but still not the thickness we see today. They were well groomed and instead of being rounded these had a slight defined arch to them which would of been done with a brown eyebrow pencil. 
4/ Eyes, eye make up was kept pretty simple using only muted eye shadows ( grays or browns) to define the eye, Mascara was used (especially on the outer corners) and they did love a good eyelash curl so go for it. White eyeliner was still a thing so pop that in the bottom water line. 
5/Lips, Oh the 40s lip, Full soft and definitely over drawn. Dont go mad (AKA a certain Miss Jenner style) but we do want to make the upper lip appear fuller. Go slightly over your top lip line in a curved fashion. We want a nice curve on the top lip going into the cupids bow. The cupids bow was still there, but not as defined as the previous years. Deep reds are the way to go with this lip. 
Pin Up,
1/ Base, so again as above a nice heavy base, powdered. But this time with a more pinky powder. Pin Ups liked to look flawless, but the pinky tone of the powder gave a nice rosey glow to the base.
2/ Blush, pretty much the same as above.
3/ Eyebrows, Again the same as above but not as arched, More of a natural shape.
4/ Eyes, Again the same as above but I would pair a nice pair of long lashes with this look.
5/ Lips. Same lip as above but this time with a bright red lipstick! 


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