Giorgio Armani Lipstick 400


Hi Guys, I love love LOVE my Giorgio Armani lipstick in 400, the colour reminds me of something a screen star from the 1940s might wear. The texture is so creamy and moisturizing, and unlike some lipsticks of a similar formula this one doesn’t up-sticks and travel across your face when it decides its had enough, instead as it fades away it leaves a lovely stain of just bitten lips colour.
The price is a little hefty (£27!) but the packaging itself is pure luxury. The metal case with a magnetic clasp is something that your want to whip out in front of your friends (pay £27 and im gonna show it off!).
I always buy a new one of these lipsticks for my partners birthday, so each one of my little collection brings back a lovely memory. I highly reccomend these lipsticks but dont break the bank, there is a lot of other lipsticks out there for half the price that perform just as well, but when ever you have that special occasion or just feel like treating yourself then I would say splash the cash on one of these.

Giorgio Armani Lipstick 400


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