Make up dos and donts

I see so many dos and donts in the Make up world. Artists, bloggers, vloggers, people, mums, dads, (your getting the point I assume) etc all having there say on the things that we should and shouldn’t do with our make up.


‘Dont wear a strong lip if you are doing strong blush and eyes,’
‘Dont wear your eyebrows like that as it looks to harsh.’
‘Dont wear red eye shadow, it makes your eyes look sore.’
‘Dont overdraw your lips like that.’ 
And yes sometimes you can get it wrong. But these ‘make up rules’ are not rules, they are guidelines.Getting it wrong is all part of learning. If you want to wear the yellow lipstick with the ruby red eye shadow and hot pink blush do it. Make up is a art, and sometimes we dont want to paint the Mona Lisa, sometimes we wanna paint the Banksy.

Ive noticed more so this year then ever that make up is relied on so heavily to make us look picture perfect, (which is fine) the pressure to get the perfect contoured look, or the extra sharp winged eyeliner is so rife these days that I feel like some of the fun has been sucked out of make up.

Use the eyeliner as lip pencil and use the lip pencil as eyeliner (just remember to make sure its safe to do so), draw your eyebrows on with the blue eyeshadow, and use the lipstick as eye shadow (again make sure its safe to do so).
The possibilities are endless with what you can do when you think outside the box and ignore the rules. And if you mess up, guess what? You can wash it off. 
Remember that make up is there to have fun with, and don’t put to much pressure on yourself to do the newest makeup fad that there is.

Have fun with it, its what its there for and you never now, you could be the next trendsetter.


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  1. August 24, 2015 / 1:28 pm

    I really love this post! I feel like it's easy to take the 'make up do's and don't's' too seriously, sometimes i have to step back and think actually I DO want to have dramatic eye make up as well as a bold lipstick.


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