GHD Air Review

If you told me that there would be a point in my life that I would get excited about a hairdryer, I would of given you a funny look and told you to be on your way.
That is until now… enter GHD air hairdryer.

I was tempted to write this post as a love letter to my new beloved hairdryer, but I feel you may of thought I was doolally. The fact is, I am doolally about this hairdryer. It blasts my hair with minimal heat into a mane that could make even the most majestic lion jealous. It does it in such a short time as well that this hairdryer has actually given me time of my life back!
Who know a hairdryer could do so much.


So onto the technical bits, two nozzles and a 3 meter power cable assist this wonder beast to make drying your hair easier. We have four settings that either give you more power or heat, and a blast of cold air button.
If you are looking to invest in a hairdryer then I suggest popping into GHD and getting one of their staff to blast your hair in a oblivion and have yourself a GHD (see what I did there??).

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