• My Overnight Skincare Secret

    For the longest time now I have been on a search, a search to end all searches. The search for my ultimate skin treat and I’m here today to tell you, I think I’ve only gone and found it!
    Well it’s not a *it* to be exact it’s a combination of two products that leaves me with skin that so soft and glowy that the next day I always get compliments on my skin.

     First things first, my skin is normal to dry, reasonably clear (which the exception of my lodger that takes deep root on my chin at that time of the month) but is always dehydrated.

    I alternate between either Clarins Blue orchid facial oil (which smells just like a massage, I immediately feel more relaxed just from the scent!) and Elizabeth Ardens CERAMIDE GOLD ULTRA RESTORATIVE CAPSULES (Like silk to the skin!). These beautiful oils are just so soothing and hydrating that you can pretty much feel them giving every pore on your face a cuddle.

     I plan to do a more in-depth review of both but I urge you to ask the counter ladies for a sample. Oils have really shook up my skin care game and I would go so far as saying that the glow on my face is all down to them.
    Cliniques Moisture Serge overnight mask. If oil is my pores cuddle then this mask is the warm blanket and hot chocolate for them. The mask, when first applied feels like a film over your face but it quickly absorbs in leaving your skin soft to the touch (again more in-depth review coming).

    Whenever I treat my skin to this little routine my face in the morning looks so fresh and glowy. I don’t find the oils to be clogging (and I am not light handed) and the mask on top still manages to absorb in so I don’t end up looking like greasy Lil.

    Have you recently tried any overnight miracles?


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