Pixie Lott Paint Wash Out Hair Colour, Starlight.

I’ve wanted my hair grey for the longest time, even before it was trendy.
So I just can’t help myself when I see hair dyes promising of these results. Today for example was one of those days…

I was picking up the regular essentials  in Superdrug,nothing to exciting and before I knew it I was skipping out the shop swinging my shiny new 5p bag with a box of Pixie Lotts semi perm hair dye.
My credit card is a unstoppable force of nature sometimes.
So first impressions of this product were pretty promising, the dye chart on the back showed me that with my colour hair I would get the full on Grey shade I wanted (YAY).

So after washing and towel drying my hair I applied the dye onto my head and massaged in as instructed.
The formula I have to admit smells pretty nice, its sweet, almost like a bottle of Britney Spears perfume, which is quite a nice change from the norm. The consistency was creamy and didn’t drip from my hair at all which of course is aces.
After leaving the dye on for the recommended time of 15 minutes, I then proceeded to rinse the product out of my hair…..

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(Insert angry faces here!)

I cannot express my sheer and utter disappointment when I realised my hope of having gray hair was once again shattered (a bit dramatic I know but I’m currently looking at the picture of Pixie on the box with her swishy grey hair and experiencing pangs of jealousy).
 I can see slight, SLIGHT tinges of gray highlights but that is it!
The only consolation is my hair smells nice and it fairly soft.
I’m so glad this was only four pounds, as it’s not to much of a expensive mistake.
So the moral of the story here kids is, avoid this product and don’t convince yourself that a four pound hair dye will give you the hair of your dreams.

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 Have you had any luck with box dyes?

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