Make Up Revolution Highlight Palette

Makeup Revolution highlight palette

So I don’t think I would be wrong in saying that by now you know that I love to glow/shine/glisten/light up dark rooms with my face. It is no secret that I love a good highlight after one of my previous posts was a dedication to my three highlighters in my make up bag.

 Last week I had the immense pleasure of purchasing the Make Up Revolutions Highlighter palette. I am no stranger to make up revolutions highlighters and actually use to own the Golden lights version which is the single compact one that I loved until I broke the packaging… BAH.

This palette contains three pressed highlighter shades,*that unfortunately don’t have names attached to them but for my own benefit and amusement I will name them as I go.

The first one in the palette is a golden cream shade that I have aptly named Moonshine because I’m very original with my thinking. This is a lovely golden shade that I believe all skin tones would benefit from.

Next we have ‘Pink frost'(MakeUp Revolution will be kicking themselves for not coming up with these quality names!. This is a peach/pink that gives you more of a natural glow to the skin if applied lightly.

The last one in the set is my absolute fav I shall name this one, ‘Godly Like Glow’. This is the purple/lilac shade and the glow that this kicks out is unreal, I don’t mind looking slightly robotic on a day to day basis, but for people who prefer a subtle glow, maybe It would be best to apply this softly. Also I think darker skin tones may struggle with this colour.

makeup revolution highlight palette

These highlighters do a great job if you are looking for more glow in your life. the packaging is great and they are greatly pigmented. The only down fall with this is they don’t have that lovely buttery feel to them that their high end brothers sisters have. But with that being said they are only eight pounds So you cant really complain.
You can buy each of these highlighters separately for three pounds also.

*They didn’t have any names on the back of the palette, but when I inspected the website I found the names for them. I have decided to leave my names on as I personally feel they are better…… *ahem*, so the names in order are Peach Lights, Pink Lights and Golden Lights.

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  1. March 28, 2016 / 3:46 pm

    Loving the renames of the shades! You should hit up MakeupRevolution HQ and get them to use these haha! Lovely post, personally I'm obsessed with MakeupRevolution!xx

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