So you wanna contour?

More often then not, if im doing someones makeup they want to be contoured, the world is currently contour crazy. So here are some of my tips and tricks to help you crack contouring.

 1- First things first, lets bare in mind that contouring is originally a drag queen technique. The would do it to make their features appear more feminine and for the make up to be seen from a distance. So which that in mind think of a drag queens wonderful face. They wear a LOT of makeup and their base is flawless but you can certainly see they are wearing a heavy foundation. If you want a strong heavy contour this is what yours is also going to have to be like. To pull off such a strong contour you need your base to be heavy, all that product has to have something to blend in to. If your inclined to wear a more subtle contour you can lessen the base make up. How ever strong your contour is, thats how strong your base has to be.

 2- Cream, powder or both? A cream is a more natural way of wearing a contour. You can blend it out into almost nothing and have it very natural looking. A powder is harder to blend and will give you more of a defined look. I personally feel that if you don’t feel confident with contouring go for a cream, your less likely to have harsh lines and its a lot more forgiving. Putting them both on together is a surefire way of taking your contour to the next extreme.

 3- Choose your colors wisely. Contour colours should mimic the tones of your skins natural shadow. A shadow has no warmth to it, so its always best to go with a cool toned brown. Bronzers are sometimes used to contour but I don’t usually recommend it as they have a lot of warmth (orange/golden tones) to them which can look unnatural.

Warm tone brown and a cool tone brown 

 4- Contouring takes time and practise. Their are makeup artists that specialize in just contouring its such a skill. Really take your time, making sure you blend out your colour, and make sure you check your face from all angles. What looks good straight on can sometimes look really bad from the side. 

cream contour

5- Placement. We are bombarded with pictures and videos of gurus contouring the whole of their faces. Cheeks, foreheads, noses, chins etc. And while this can look great behind a camera in real life it might not transfer as well. Look at your face shape. Do you really need to add more depth to your cheekbones when you already rock a great pair? Is your nose something that your actually quite happy with and in fact you don’t really need to shave it down? Really examine your face and decide whats right for you. You may not need as much as you think.

How do you contour?


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