The Makeup I Wore To School

I’m a late eighties baby, born in 87, and lucky enough to have my childhood in the nineties and my teenage years during the noughties.
My makeup was inspired by the princesses of pop, which at the time were not only dominating the charts but my bedroom walls and no doubt half the populations.
I was (and still am!) a massive Christina Aguilera fan, with her bright blonde hair and piercing blue eyes I wanted to be her! Especially in the Genie In A bottle era.
So here’s my makeup to the best that I can remember it during that magical time of the noughties.

 Foundation – Neutrogena Blemish Foundation (I’m pretty sure this is the one!)
God only knows why I used this foundation, as I had near perfect skin as a teenager. I think what drew me towards it was the fact it was incredibly thick and matter then matte. Highlight was definitly a thing of my future!
Covering up that youth glow maybe one of the worst makeup mistakes I made…

 Concealer – Some form of stick concealer would of been my weapon of choice, you know, the ones that look like lipsticks. This would of been applied right in the eye bag area like cement. Preferably drying as well. Yuck.

Mascara – I believe it was the L’oreal Telescopic mascara that I used to create my spider leg lashes. 50 coats of it at least.

Eyeliner – I found a Avon eyeliner in my mothers makeup bag and use to use this to subtly line the entire waterline and upper eyelid. Obviously this was supernatural and the teachers never asked me to scrub it off time and time again *ahem*.

Lipstick – Pinker then pink, Bright pink. Garish and blindingly pink. Pretty sure it was frosted as well. Other then that I was a massive fan of the Lipfinity Range which was a innovation at the time. I then progressed onto concealer lips… Ill stop there!

So that was my face as a teenager, I would apply all of this for my big night out down the park, curl my hair into the crispist ringlets that I could possible manage and then spray a healthy dose of Charlie Red on my person.
All he while completely ignoring grooming my eyebrows.
Eat your heart out pop princesses.



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