The Childlike Empress – The NeverEnding Story

childlike Empress The Never Ending Story

All hallows eve is upon us and if you’re anything like myself you will be currently having the last minute ‘what the hell do I wear’ worries.

Well fear no further, I have come up with the quickest/easiest costume and after trawling the internet for some inspo pictures I’m going to say quite original too! 
The Never Ending Story was and still is one of my favorite childhood films, I watched it so many times on VHS that the soundtrack was completely off (I also did this to The Little Mermaid and completely ruined all my singalongs with her as she was all out key and off time, bah).
If you haven’t watched this 80s classic (then im not sure we can be friends…) you wouldnt quite understand who I’m meant to be, but if you have then hopefully you’ve guessed the childlike empress. I cannot express how much I wanted to be exactly like her when I was younger, and I’m sure it was because of this character that I had a major obsession with head necklaces! Don’t ask.
So lets get to it shall we?

Skin –

The Childlike empress skin is Flawless with a capital F, so you want to get your base looking as flawless as possible. I started with MAC’S Strobe cream (to give me that inner glow) and then went over the top with MAC Studio fix fluid in NC10, this is a very pale shade but looking at the pictures I would say they definitly made this little princess pale and glowy, so put down the fake tanner mitts. 
The Empress definitly has a glow to her, and by using MAC’S strobe cream or any highlighter fluid underneath your foundation your going to get that lovely realistic gleam instead of the highlighted look we all seem to love nower days. 
Next I used MAC’s studio finish concealer to conceal my eye bags and and blemishes on the skin. As I said, her skin is flawless so make sure you take the time to perfect this. 
As far as blusher goes, I cant see a lot there but we can assume there was. I would concentrate a peach coloured blush (I used MAC’s Melba) just on the back of your cheekbones, this should bring a bit more sculpt to the face and bring a bit of dimension back in. I looked like a pale thumb before this step.
Eyebrows and Eyes –
Depending how technical you want to get with this you could completely ignore your own natural brow shape and do what I have done, which is cut straight across my brow. From what I can gather the Empress has quite straight eyebrows but she’s very vocal with them so if you cant get yours straight then do not worry, this is definitly not a brow look.
Whatever you decide to do with your eyebrows just keep them soft, Instabrow are banished from this look. I personally prefer powder if I want a softer eyebrow. 
The Childlike Empress’s eyes are kept very natural but the makeup artist did a few tricks just to make sure that her eyes are what you are drawn to. 
You want to use a small amount of a orangey brown shadow and with a fluffy brush take it all the way around the top socket of your eye and quite a bit underneath as well. This colour would of made her eyes look even more amazingly blue then what they already are. Make sure you pretty much blend this out into nothing.
The taking a dark brown shadow you want to get as close to your lash line on top of your eye as possible and very gently push the shadow into the root and trace your eyelashes. You also want to tightline your eye as well (if your not sure how to do that your can read my how to here).
Curl your eyelashes to give your eyes that wide awake look, and concentrate a mascara at the roots of your upper lashes, being careful not to apply to much to the end of the lash as this will put weight on them and make the curl drop. 
By doing all this you’re adding more definition to the eye, with it looking as natural as it possibly can be. 
Finish off with a flesh coloured eye pencil in the water line, I rubbed over the top of mine with a brush just to make it look a little more natural. 
Lips –
I have very pigmented lips, so I started by blocking them out with my foundation, Doing this gives us  nice blank canvas to work with. I then drew the shaped back in with a natural lip pencil. and very lightly coloured in my lip with the same pencil. Over the top of that I used Laura Merciers Lip Glace in Bare Pink. And then blotted it to remove the majority of the shine. The empress has lovely plump healthy lips but only with a slight shine to them.
And thats it, I finished off by fishing out a necklace that fitted around my head and attached a broach (thanks nan!) to the front of the necklace, 100 hair pins later and Bob’s your Uncle. My inner child is complete. 
I hope this has helped anyone who’s struggling for ideas, or if your on a budget as Iim sure you have everything or the equivalent to hand already. 
Happy Halloween!

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  1. October 29, 2016 / 8:10 am

    I love how easy looks like this are, and you don't need to buy anything especially for it too which is even better!! So so nice 🙂

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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