Christmas Decorations On A Budget

the white company winter
I love Christmas, I fully indulge in it and decorating my house in The Christmas Spirit is one of things I look forward to the most about the holiday season.

So this year I thought I would share my decorations with you all, in hope it may give you some inspiration as I dont have the biggest budget or the grandest house, but I try to make do with what I have and above all, I shop around!
My theme this year has been silver and white for the living room and the same for the dining room but with a touch of deep red here and there.
the white company winter

the white company winter
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Scent means everything to me, and The White Company’s fragrance in Winter transports me straight back to the Christmases of past. There is currently a 20% off voucher for The White Company online and using it against the Winter gift set means you get the candle, diffuser and scent all for £24!
These lovely little lights are a great dupe for the Moroccan Ball Line Lights that retail in John Lewis for £15, but are a fraction of the price in Poundland for (you guessed it!) £1.
The little real Christmas tree in the background is only £4 in Waitrose and is a great alternative for those of us that have been told by their other halfs that they are not having a real christmas tree. I’m not bitter at all about that… 
The Glass plates are two for £1.50 and the candle £3.99 from my new faverite store for homeware, B&M.
xmas flowers
poundland bird
Sides are great for making little Christmas scene especially if like myself your not a big fan of the hanging Christmas decorations look.
I purchased a Christmas Poinsettia in the middle of November and shes really flourishing, I love to see live plants round the house, and I think this one brightens up the room beautifully, whilst keeping to the Christmas theme.
The candle plate and baubles are both from B&M and come in at under five pounds each (the baubles come in a pack of six).
The candle holder was a present a few years ago from Yankee Candle.
And my King Birdie is from the Pound Land, which is a good job as I broke his crown no sooner then I had purchased him. Bah Humbug; 
waitrose christmas flowers
How Christmassy are these ‘flowers’. Another compromise for me not being able to have a real tree, these lovely real christmas tree branches and twigs give off that magical pine smell when you are near them. I’ve carefully wrapped the same Poundland lights from above around them to add even  more of a festive touch. These were £7 from Waitrose, and giving the hardiness of them I’m hoping they will last the Christmas period.
The Silver sparkly candle was from H and M home and cost £2.99, it’s so pretty I almost dont want to light it! 
waitrose christmas tree
waitrose christmas tree
How beautiful is this little tree! It’s not real, but it’s so full and authentic looking that I have had a few people mistakenly think it is the real deal. This comes in at £15 from Waitrose, which I personally think is a great price for how it looks. This would make a great tree for someone who’s looking to save some space or if like me, you want to make a corner of a room look more festive. 
christmas tree

christmas decorations

christmas decorations
christmas decorations
My Tree
I tend to fill up the tree with small cheaper baubles in my color scheme and then I buy a few more ‘expensive’ bauble to fill up the rest of the tree. John Lewis and Garden centres are where I usually go to purchase my more luxury balls. 
For lights I always go for a warm glow, and I usually end up getting them on offer for three for two at Clas Ohlson where they retail for about £6 for one hundred and twenty bulbs.
The tree itself is just from the basic John Lewis range, and had 20% off of it this weekend.
So there you go, all I have to do now is collect my wreath and Im holiday ready! 

Happy Christmas! 


  1. December 11, 2016 / 5:26 pm

    Love this post honey! Those Christmas baubles look gorgeous! I am the same and always prefer to go for warm lights as they look so much cosier 🙂 xxxx

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