L’Oreal Steam Pod

When I was fourteen I straightened my hair for the first time. With a iron… What a fool I know, but when I was a teenager, straighteners were not the common household hair item that now everyone (including your Nan) has.

I started off with an iron (I’m sorry, I’m making myself cringe too!), then upgraded to portable hair straighteners that burnt my hand from holding them, to then spending money on crappy ones recommended to me by a sales assistant, which died a sudden death when my cat threw up on them.

Needless to say, my hair still hasn’t forgiven me.

I love to style my hair, but unfortunately because of all the misuse (torture!) of hair appliances it really is something I dare not do. My hair breaks off in immediate protest the minute it so much feels a hot iron plate coming its way and god forbid it sees a curling wand.

I had all but giving up on hair straighteners when I heard about the L’Oréal Steampod. A straightener that uses steam pressure to open up the hair cuticle to help retain natural moisture levels in the hair, which in turn avoids the hair from drying out and burning. No more foul stench of hair burning, yipee! A gift from the hair straightening Gods themselves was how it sounded to my ears.

So I ordered it.

loreal steam pod

Now I was worried. This appliance is pricey and I’m sceptical about these things as I’m always convinced they are going to be gimmicky and no doubtedly rubbish. But I had read rave review after rave review, so I waited for my delivery to arrive feeling excited but also lightheaded from the thought of spending that much money on hair straighteners.

First thoughts 

The straighteners have a wide tooth comb across them, so as your straighten these teeth help to spread your hair out evenly across the plates. I did get into a bit of a flustered panic when they found a knot in my hair and proceeded to get caught. So do make sure your hair is knot free, or (as I have now learnt) place a brush underneath your straightener, on your hair, so all knots are meeting their end before the straighteners reach them.

loreal steampod

Attached to the straighteners is the Steampod, which you fill with water. You must change the water in the pod each time otherwise your hair will stink. I learnt this the hard way. There is little sucky grips that help the pod stay attached to a surface, but I apparently cannot stick them down properly so I’m constantly sending the pod and water flying whilst straightening my hair. I don’t doubt this is fault of my own.

loreal steampod

I feel like I’m starting to sound like a negative nelly here, but in all honesty I do really love them. They definitely do make my hair glossier (something that my locks are really not) and they straighten my hair in no time at all. I have been using the recommended products* for the Steampod, so I don’t doubt that they play a part in the whole process. But for the times that I haven’t used them, the straightners still worked like a charm.

If your hair hates you and is feeling a bit sensitive, but your love for straightening it is strong. Then these are definitely worth checking out, they are an investment but we only get one head of hair right?**. 

*I have been using the L’OREAL PROFESSIONNEL STEAMPOD SENSITIVE THICK CREAM which is a protective shield for the hair and L’OREAL PROFESSIONNEL STEAMPOD SERUM which makes your hair super shiny and claims to help to repair heat damage.

**Unless you shave it all off, which I have done before.

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  1. January 24, 2017 / 11:25 am

    Love the shave it off comment, I shaved off the back of my hair recently because I am sick of it being so thick! haha, love the product though, I really want to try something like this! Sucks about the stinky hair though, no one likes that! I would be tempted to put strawberry ironing water in it! lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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