Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE anti aging + intensive repair daily

Elizabeth  Arden Prevage

Let’s start with the elephant in the room shall we? This serum cost £170. ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY POUNDS. Sorry, I should’ve asked you to sit down before I said that, I’ll give you a moment to get over the shock.
Now that, that is out of the way let’s continue shall we?

Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage serum has been in my life for a while now, and after a few months of continuous/religious use I feel I can give you somewhat of a honest review. This is only somewhat, as I dont have any deep lines or age spots for the serum to tackle, so I cannot touch upon that, sorry.
However, I have used this serum though the winter and party season, so my skin has been put though the ring.
So what does this serum claim to do? 
This is marketed at (rich people) more mature ladies/gentleman as it boasts claims of reviving the skin’s luminosity, improving fine lines whilst with continues use it will help with age spots and deeper lines. It does all this with the help of fancy ingredients, which im not going to go on about here as I dont want to bore you, and you can always find them on Elizabeth Ardens website it you really need to know.
I have used many a serum though my years, cheap ones, expensive ones, but I have never fallen in love with one as quick as I have with this one, just typical I know.
The serum itself is a liquid gold colour, with a slight shimmer to it that just screams luxury. The scent is so comforting and in no way overpowering and when applied onto your skin it’s like a cream that soaks in immediately. It is the most luxurious thing I have ever had the pleasure of applying to my face. I’m in love with it.
The effects that it has on your skin are almost immediate, everything does indeed look brighter and more awake, and my skin tone appears overall more even. I wouldnt say my skin feels firmer, but if anything plumper, but that could just be because it feels softer.
Elizabeth Arden Prevage
This ladies and gents, is as good as it gets.
I’m so in love with it, but I’m almost scared to use it as well, I dread to think if I counted how many pumps I got out of this and divided it by £170 what the total cost would be per everytime I used it!
I also think that maybe somewhere in my mind Ive convinced myself I need to love it so much to justify the price.
I was kindly gifted this, so by no means would I suggest to you to go out and buy it. However, Elizabeth Arden are fantastic at giving out samples and demoing in stores, so definitly grab one if your passing by, even if it is just to use it on a pamper night in. 
I’ve now just started to use mine on more *targeted areas to try and drag it out a bit.
Elizabeth Arden Prevage
If you are someone who has more mature skin or whether your 26/96 and you feel your skin needs a bit if repairing and you are on the market for a serum thats going to shake your skin up. Then I would seriously consider looking into this range, my skin does absolutely love it.

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  1. January 30, 2017 / 9:38 pm

    WOW £170!!! I am a sucker for skin care and my skin is in serious need of some TLC. I will definitely be hanging out at the Elizabeth Arden counter trying to get my hands on a sample of this 🙂 xxxx

    Loving your new blog design btw!!


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