By Terry Cellularose Moisturising CC Cream

By Terry Cellularose Moisturising CC Cream

I love base products. 
I dont care what the rest of my makeup looks like, as long as my skin looks flawless.
 And by that I dont mean flawless in the way that could give Barbie a run for her money. I mean skin that looks like skin. 
Healthy, radiant and glowy, with imperfections and all. 

There is nothing worse then a cakey looking face (unless your a glorious drag queen) in my opinion. If you have imperfections you want to cover up, cover them up, dont cover your whole face. 

I can guarantee you the rest of your skin is beautiful. Embrace it. 
By Terry Cellularose Moisturising CC cream is made for that purpose. It is quite simply stunning. 
It gives you a beautiful glow that is usually reserved for those under the age of twenty, and it glides so effortlessly over your the skin that it is almost invisible to the eye. It offers just the right amount of coverage to smoothen out the skin tone whilst not masking it.  
If your afraid it’s not going to give you enough coverage due to blemishes or imperfections, try it with a high coverage concealer like Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage or Vichy’s Dermablend. 
Focus them solely on the problematic areas.
 Do not be afraid to use a lighter coverage because of skin concerns, 
I cannot express that enough.

Cellularose has a lovely scent of roses, which at first I was concerned about as my skin has a tendency to be slightly sensitive at times, but it didnt aggravate my skin at anyway, in fact it seemed to calm it down (post shower skin, my face and chest loves going blotchy, yay! ).  
This is a truly luxurious product, which unfortunately is on the much higher end of the cosmetic price spectrum (£58).
But I think spending money on your base is truly worth it. High Street brands have come such a long way, and you can find some great  products on the market, but you just cannot beat a premium base.  

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