The Oversized Knitwear from ZARA

Zara is one of them stores for me that can be a bit hit and miss. 
Hit because all the clothes are nine times out of ten stunning, but miss as my local store tends to resemble a jumble sale at the best of times. 
I dont know what happens to the women that enter the store, but they all seem to become possessed by the messy monster and start acting like two years olds searching for there lost faverite toy amongst their already messy bedroom (no offence toddlers). 
So you can only imagine my delight when I stepped into Zara the other day and it was immaculate. I danced around the store, taking in all the clothes stories and fully embraced how Zara should always be.
 Tidy and stylish. 
One of my findings was this oversized jumper from The Zara Knitwear collection which I’m loving. The jumper has enough room underneath for thermals (sexy) and is thick enough to keep you warm without wearing a jacket. The V neck adds to the sass appeal and could show off a lovely shirt underneath, which I’ll be going back into Zara to find. 
The little fruit detailed bag that I found to go with my look is stunning and costs only £15.99 which I thought was an amazing bargain as it definitly looks like it should cost double that.
The Zara Knitwear collection has a big hats off from me.

zara knitwear
zara knitwear
zara knitwear
zara knitwear
zara knitwear
zara knitwear
zara kniwear
Oversized Sweater

Fruit Detail Cross Bag

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  1. April 2, 2017 / 9:33 am

    Zara is my favourite store, their new spring/summer collection is stunning! That sweater looks like the cosiest thing ever, I can imagine pairing it with a faux leather skirt and vans old skools for a more laid back look. I can't believe that bag was only £15.99, it looks so well made and more high end!

    Dalal ..

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