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Cardio is the bane of my life. 
I hate the feeling of my lungs being on fire, and I find it boring. There’s no sugar coating it. 
I hate cardio. 
However I also hate, (ok strongly dislike vegetables), but I eat them because I know I have to.
 Cardio is the vegetable of my fitness world. 
I hate it, but I gotta do it. 
Unfortunately for me, cardio is the best form of exercise to do, if you’re looking to shift the pounds, there is no denying that, so here are my 5 cardio fail-safe options for all my fellow cardio haterz


Stair master

My go to. I find the way to get through the Stairmaster is to ramp it up a notch.
 And I don’t mean the go-faster button.
 I keep that pretty low (6-7) but instead of walking up the steps like you would normally, step up sideways for a while, then chuck in some kickbacks for the lolz. 
If you’re anything like me you’re be concentrating more on not falling off then worrying about the time.  Make sure you keep your heels down whilst on the stepper and you’ll enjoy a butt workout as well. 
A high inclined fast-paced walk is the only thing I will do on a treadmill. Not only do you burn the calories whilst not burning your lungs, but if you take full advantage of Netflix’s download feature you can catch up with all your fave shows. Win-win
Probably my least favourite of the bunch but is that you change the exercise constantly it makes it a lot more interesting than just doing the same thing for half an hour. It gets the job done. 
Get in that dance class and show them mofos your best Beyonce. Dancing is one of the most fun (yes I used the word fun) forms of cardio. Half the time I don’t even realise I’m working out, but in one dance lesson, I can pull some cardio moves that any other class would have me saying F off in. 
The beauty of walking? It can be done just about anywhere or on those days when you just can’t be bothered to hit the gym. Plan out a route or let your legs carry you somewhere new if you aim to roughly take 10,000 steps (it’s easier than you think!) your be well on your way to losing weight. 
So there we have it, Sometimes I’ll mix up exercises by doing 10 mins of each of 15 mins of two to make sure that boredom doesn’t settle in and I lose the will. And also cover your machine with a towel so you cant clock watch. Your drive yourself insane otherwise. 
Happy cardioing! 

 Fi7ness By Jessica Wright


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  1. August 21, 2017 / 7:32 pm

    Dancing is my go to! I do so almost every night. I think if I am going to do exercise it might as well be something enjoyable! Haha!

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