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Hair. I’m certain mine hates me.
It’s often tonged, blow-dried, straightened and back brushed (RIP) to within an inch of its life. I was never blessed with lushes’ locks, it has always somewhat sat pathetically on top of my head, with the sole purpose of getting knotty, so if I don’t do one of the above tortures to my hair then I end up resembling Worzel Gummidge.
So what with this being a daily occurrence I’ve had to set myself some strict rules on hair care and maintenance.

1)      Try not to wash it every day.

For the longest time, I was one of those people that had to due to the fact my hair would never play ball the next day. But if you can try just for one week, washing your hair every other day, it does become more manageable. Constantly washing all the much-needed scalp oils out of our hair, is doing the opposite of what you want. The more you wash them out, the more they over produce. It’s a vicious greasy hair cycle. Dry shampoo is my saving grace these days, and sometimes I can even push not washing it to the third day, but it generally tends to mean that I must wear it up, perched upon my head.

2)      Invest in shampoo.

There was a time I had the driest scalp, now dry scalp is not to be confused with dandruff, neither of which is to be ashamed of, but getting mixed up with what condition you have on your head can often lead to more of a problem. I’m not going to go too much into how I sorted out my dry scalp (that’s a whole different post entirely) but if you’re looking for some suggestions to help cure a dry scalp then you can check out the best shampoos for a dry scalpwhich is a nice place to start if you’re looking for gentle, effective shampoos to help sort out the dryness.
Investing in good hair care is a step in the right direction and I’m currently loving Loreals Botanicals Coriander range which contains no silicones, no colourants or parabens and is an absolute treat for the hair and nose (the smell, I don’t recommend shampooing your nose hairs).
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3)      Condition like you never conditioned before.

Due to all the trauma (gulp!), I cause my hair, I always make a conscious effort to deep-condition it a couple of days a week. I know when I normally wash my hair, my everyday conditioner stays on my hair strands for approx. 30 seconds before I’m rinsing it off, so treating my locks to an intensive moisture session is an absolute must.
 I either like to use a pre-shampoo treatment like the wonderful Phillip Kinsley’s Elasticizer (A must for all hair types in my humble opinion!) or my Loreal Botanicals Saffron Intensive Mask. I leave either on for as long as possible on the days that I treat my hair.

4)      Don’t do it yourself.

Step away from the box dye. I have been you and believe me, it isn’t worth the hassle. Most box hair dyes are aimed at virgin hair (hair that hasn’t seen colourant yet) even though they don’t like to tell you this. If you have already coloured hair, then 9 times out 10 your hair will not come out the same shade as that beautiful woman on the boxes.
 Unfortunately, with hair colouring you get what you pay for, colourists go through years of training to be able to transform your locks into what it is your heart so desires.
The box didn’t.

5)      Over styling.

I hold my hands up to this one myself. But I am getting better.
 My natural hair has a slight wave to it underneath, so instead of blow-drying it on the days I’m only going out the house to Sainsbury’s, I instead scrunch dry it with a sea salt spray to play up to the waves and give it a bit of omft.


If you have you got any hair tips or product recommendations make sure to leave them in the comments below!


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