The Not So Beauty Basics

Beauty basics
Basic is not a word that I would use to describe my beauty routine. I like to play around with makeup, mix foundations together, and layer products up to create my own perfect base. It may be over the top for some, but for me, it’s fun and I love nothing more than trying new and exciting stuff.
But as exciting as new is, sometimes it’s good to go back to basics. We all have our essential everyday beauty products that sometimes get overlooked because they are no longer ‘new’ but it’s these products that need to be raved about a little more, because nine times out of ten, they are anything but basic.

The Beauty Basics



laura mercier primer
 The start of the story. Priming your skin is where the beginning of the story is for beautiful skin. We wouldn’t just go in and start painting a naked wall before priming it, so why should we apply our foundation straight to naked skin before priming?
Priming will not only prepare your skin so you can apply your foundation more flawlessly, but it helps to even out the skin tone and give your foundation something to hold onto all day, instead of your skincare.
Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primers for me will always be at the top of their game. Coming in seven different formulas she caters for all.
Radiance, Oil-Free, Hydrating, Blemish-Less, SPF 30, Radiance Bronze and my personal favourite and the original, Foundation Primer.

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ysl lipstick
Nude lipsticks definitely had their moment last year, with every beauty brand releasing their huge ranges of nude lip colours it all felt a bit over saturated and a bit done.
But one colour I cannot help myself from going back to each time is the YSL Beige Tribute.
The formulation has a beautiful satin finish to it and is gorgeously creamy to apply and it also has the added benefit of SPF 15 added to it.
This colour instantly freshens up even the most sallow of complexions, whilst also being one of the easiest to wear.

Mine has been well worn and loved, but even now (with its slightly tarnished packaging) I get a thrill from pulling it out of my handbag.

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Rimmel London 005 Nude


rimmel London nude eyeliner
 Staring at a computer screen for an obscene amount of hours a day causes strain on our eyes, then we leave the computer screen to stare at out phone screens creating more stress for our eyes.
All this eyeball stress causes the not so attractive ‘Red Eye’.
Apart from making sure that I take regular breaks from my computer screen, I’ve been popping in Rimmel Nude eye pencil to my waterline to create a brighter wide-eyed look.
Less stark than a white eyeliner, a nude creates the illusion of a brighter eye without the harshness of white.
Any nude eyeliner will do the job but this Rimmel one has been in my collection for years and is super affordable and creamy.

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The Wish List

Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar And Glow

charlotte tilbury filmstar and glow

Two in ones don’t usually rock my world, but this sculpt and highlight duo certainly has.
On one side is a bronzer, that when dusted around the high tops of your face, gives you the most glowy sun-kissed look and when paired with the subtle yet buildable highlight from the right side of the palette you create a glow that not even Kim K could rival.
Everything about this product, from the formulation to the packaging is utterly divine.
This has become a staple part of my makeup routine, and I cannot see that changing in the fore coming future.



Eve Lom Kiss Mix


eve lom kiss mix
Our lips often get overlooked.
Whilst we have a ten-care step routine for your face and eyes, the delicate skin of the lips is often forgotten.Yet if someone has dried cracked lips we notice, it’s hard not to. Just adding that extra little step into your routine can help us avoid from ever being caught out in that situation.
The Eve Lom lip mix, maybe a little on the pricey side for a lip balm, but by spending that much it has forced me to use it, which in turn works out great for my lips.
Kiss Mix has a lovely minty taste to it and leaves the lips hydrated and not over glossy like certain other brands.

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  1. October 16, 2017 / 7:05 am

    The Charlotte bronzer looks so good! I think is warms up any skin tone perfectly!

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