• Tips For Being Healthier At Work
  • Tips For Being Healthier At Work

    Tips For Being Healthier At Work
    Being healthier at work is difficult, I should know, my office chair has a Kate shaped bum indent in it. I kid you not… 
    Well, maybe a little. 
    But my buttocks do spend more time resting upon this chair throne, more so than anywhere else.
    Whilst sitting upon a said throne, I also have my draw (as I’m sure so many others do) of treats. 
    You know the one with the secret stash of Mars Bars and whatever else that you may need in those times of ‘emergencies’. 
    It’s fair to say, work is bad for my health (WOO!) so I’ve done some research and tried to put together some tips to help us all beat the temptation of that top drawer, and cox our glutes out of retirement.
    How to be healthier at work. 

    Keep hydrated 

    Why is it so hard to remain hydrated?
     We all know we need to drink more water, and sometimes we even have good intentions on doing so, but for some reason, our hands just never seem to find a glass, and the tap never gets turned on.
    I definitely think we are all missing a trick here though. 
    Getting up for a glass of water not only wastes work time (YAY!) but it also gets the blood pumping back round our legs. So not only are we hydrating ourselves we are also exercising, and no one ever gets told off for getting a glass of water. 

    You got to move it move it.

    If you’ve taken my advice in tip one then this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
     Upping your water game, also means your upping your toilet break time, and again, who gets into trouble for using the toilet.
     From just drinking more water, and having to naturally get rid of it means that not only are you keeping active but your also breaking up that long work day.
    SCORE 2!
    If however, you have the bladder of an OX, then you could instead try perhaps taking the stairs instead of the lift, or go for a walk to refresh yourself on your lunch break. 
    I know when you’re at your desk, next to The Draw, it can be hard to find the motivation, but once you’re up and moving you won’t regret it. 
    Tips For Being Healthier At Work

    The Draw.

    Don’t panic!
     I’m not taking it away from you. 
    But, if like me, your top draw looks more like the inside of Willie Wonkers Chocolate factory, then we need to reassess. 
    Without realising it, the contents of my draw were quite frankly, making me fat.
     Eating a Mars Bar, Milky Way and Jaffa Cakes all in one sitting was (although impressive I must say) becoming a seriously bad habit.
    Just changing up the contents of your snack draw to something a little bit more healthier will not only improve your concentration at work but is also something your waistband will thank you for.
     Which then leads me on to….

    Plan And Prepare 

    Planning and prepping your meals will not only help you to avoid Mr Cafes bacon sarnie for lunch
    but will save you some serious cash as well. 
    I prep all my meals on a Sunday evening, which I detest doing at the time (I would much rather be laying on the sofa watching back to back Friends) but I’m so grateful for it during the week. 
    I promise you now, try meal prepping for one week and your tummy will feel lighter and your purse heavier.

    Don’t bite off more then you can chew

    It can be so easy to allow work to get on top of us. 
    Deadlines, meetings, working until the early hours. 
    Running on empty in this day and age has pretty much become the norm. But you know that old saying of ‘Don’t burn the candle at both ends?’.
    Live by it. 
    If you push yourself too hard and don’t find the right balance then it will start affecting your health. 
    Get to know your limits.



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