Fi7ness By Jessica Wright


Fi7ness By Jessica Wright
Jessica Wright Helping me to get fit?

I was Fitness DVD mad in the 90s.

Mr Motivator motivated my mornings on GMTV, and yellow lycra cycling shorts were my must-have fashion. Luckily for me (and all people around me that had eyes…) I retired the cycling shorts many moons ago, and fitness DVDs fell off of the radar.

Until now thanks to a Miss Jessica Wright!
If your a regular reader of my blog, you know that earlier this year I embarked on a fitness journey, and have fully embraced my new lifestyle ever since.
Recently I’ve hit a bit of a slump with the whole thing.
I still enjoy working out but trying to find the motivation to get my behind to the gym was becoming a bit of an issue.
And that’s when my motivation in the form of a pink box entered my life.
Fi7ness By Jessica Wright
Fi7ness with Jessica Wright* landed on my doorstep, complete with three (THREE!) workout DVDs, an exercise ball, a resistance tube, a fitness plan poster and nutrition guide.
Since starting the program I’ve squatted, kicked and jumping Jacked all over my living room in the name of fitness, and now that I’m coming to the end of phase one, I wanted to share my thoughts on the DVD with you.

So this seven-week plan takes you through three phases, which equals to five thirty minute workouts a week, with two allocated rest days. Heres what a phase one week looks like –


Day one

I started with Push Pull which was super easy to follow and incorporated both the fitness ball (which may I add is a workout in itself to pump up!) and the resistance band, which you use over the course of seven moves each a minute a time.
Then you get what feels to be the quickest minute of your life to recover before you start the routine with both Jess and her personal trainer Esme again.
 I’m quite used to training upper body, but jeez Louise did my muscles throb the next day.

Day Two

Cardio, which I can assure you was utter hell, but in a good way… If there is such a thing??
 I was dreading cardio, as it’s not something I often do (I mean at all), due to my complete hate for it. As before, Esme and Jess take you through seven moves for a minute a time, with an even faster minute for recovery, before then starting the cardio torture again.
I survived though, but I’m sure some of my fat didn’t as I sweated more than a pig in a blanket on a hot day.

Day three

 Squat Lunge which is by far my favourite workout on the DVD. I love doing lower body workouts, and these seven exercises consisted of a lot of squatting, so you really get a great booty burn.
 And believe me, the next day it was on fire.

Day four

Is a rest (WOO HOO) day.

Day Five

 Then day five Bend Twist is all about getting those abs burning.
As someone who doesn’t do abs, I really struggled with this one, but Esme does give you some great alternatives to do, so you cant unfortunately just sit there and watch them do it instead.

Day Six

Which then leads us to our last workout of the week… Cardio.
I still hate it, but it really does give you the fastest results, and doing it this way is far more enjoyable than spending any time on a running machine what so ever.

Day Seven

The last day of the week is a much-needed rest day, and then its back to the grind again.
Fi7ness By Jessica Wright
All the workouts are lead by Jessica and her personal trainer Esme, and the girls are fantastic at keeping you motivated, you only have to look at Jess’s figure to get them feet moving a little faster.
Esme also does an Instagram live workout on a Wednesday night, so if you fancy getting in an extra session, or just want to sit on the sofa and watch someone else workout, then make sure to check out the Fi7ness By Jessica Instagram.
The program is really great, if like me you’ve lost a bit of motivation to hit the gym, or maybe you’re even just starting your fitness journey.
Following along on social media, and taking part in the chats, really makes you feel part of a community, and gives it that more personal touch, then just staring at a TV screen and fumbling along.

After phase two, I will be updating my blog, with some progress photos and my thoughts on the phase. But for now, with phase one completion on the horizon, I can honestly say I’m really enjoying it.

If you want to join along with my fitness journey make sure to follow me over on my Instagram and grab your own Jessica Wright Fi7ness kit here!


*This item was gifted to me, but all thoughts, feeling and sore muscles are my own.

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