Clairol Color Crave Hair Make Up

Halloween, turning adults into children and children into literal monsters.

I love Halloween, but as per usual, I tend to leave these things so last minute, that all the great costumes have gone and Amazon Prime can no longer guarantee I’m going to get my cat costume before All Hallows’ eve begins.

Clairol Color Crave Hair Make Up


So this year, instead of spending big on an outfit I’m only going to use once, I’ve decided to try and cut corners where I can.
Clairol has just launched a whole new line of hair makeup (Clairol Color Crave Hair), that you simply paint on your hair and wash out when you’ve finished your spooky fun.
And I don’t mean those questionable sachets we had back in the 90s that turned everyone’s hair the same colour magenta no matter what.

I experimented with Clairol Color Crave Hair Shimmering Bronze and Shimmering Rose Gold, applying both the colours to my hair in random sections and then blow drying the colour in as recommended.

A Quick And Easy Halloween Look

Both the colours were super shimmery and hella messy, but I think that may be more to do with my application than the actual product itself. Even though these are washable colours, I recommend wearing old clothes and not your brand new under armour two-piece suit…. bah!
Clairol Color Crave Hair Make Up

With this huge range of colours, you could definitely create some great looks for Halloween, whether it’s a pretty fairy/unicorn look, or something a bit more spooky.

I love putting crazy colours in my hair, but absolutely hate the upkeep of them.
Clairol’s hair makeup definitely looks like that will be bridging the gap for me.

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