• Things To Do On A Sunday
  • Things To Do On A Sunday

    Sunday morning…

    Does any other morning feel quite so good? Sunday mornings were made for lazying in bed and not feeling guilty. Long lay inns and cups of endless tea in bed.

    Complete and utter bliss.

    Do you ever get that little niggle at the back of your mind though, interrupting your peaceful Sunday morning? That little thought of ‘Monday morning is coming‘.

    I know I do, and although I try not to let it ruin my day, I still can help but feel the dread of a Monday morning descending down upon me.

    So now, after the relaxation of my lazy morning, I like to spend The rest of my Sunday preparing for the week ahead and I thought I would share with you my Sunday routine on prepping for that Monday morning.

    Monday Morning Motivation

      Set Your Goals

    Big, small, long term, short term. Set them.Try starting with the week ahead. Give yourself one goal to achieve each day, whether it’s clearing out your email inbox (That gives me the fear!) or sending a text to a friend that you’ve been meaning to for a while. Which leads me on to my next point of….


    How I love a list. I have lists for everything. Daily chore lists, weekly achievement lists, and a whole notebook of goal lists.

     In this day of technology our phones seem to dominate our lives, but actually putting pen to paper, and then being able to put a nice big tick next to our achievement is a lot more satisfying than simply pressing the phone screen. 

    Taking a little time out on a Sunday evening to write your lists, will leave you not only feeling more organised but also ensures your less likely to forget that important thing that you’ve been meaning to do!

    Monday Morning Motivation

      Dress Your Best

    It’s Funny how clothes can set our mood. Donning a pair of sassy heels makes us feel like we could conquer the world and I always feel more motivated in the morning if I know I have something new and exciting to wear.

    Buying a new outfit for each day of the week is definitely not financially viable for me (one day!) so the next best thing I find is to go through your wardrobe and plan out your outfits for the working week.

    Being able to spend a little more time working out my outfits sometimes allows me to pair certain items with certain accessories that I would have usually thought of because of rushing around!

    How To Organise Your Life

    Pamper Time

    Sunday evenings are a great time to get your pamper on.

    Turning my bathroom into a luxury spa is one of my favourite pastimes.

    Face mask, hair mask, nails, tan.

    All of it sets me up for a good Monday morning, but if I’m feeling particularly fancy, heading down to my local gym and spending a little me time in the spa is the perfect way to end the weekend.    

    Monday Morning Motivation

    Early Night

    Do any of us really get enough sleep?

    Yet we all know what a fundamental part of life sleep is and we all know what happens if we get too little of it.

    For a long time, I was in the bad habit of going to bed super late, and then not waking up till late morning. Not only did this make me feel like I had wasted half the day away but my motivation for doing anything was massively diminished. Try tonight going to bit just that little bit earlier, and I promise you your Monday morning will be a whole lot easier.



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