Flash Friday Review – New Lypsyl Lip Balm

Lypsylcompact lipbalm


Valentine’s day is racing up upon us and so it’s time to crack out all the lip balms and put one in each handbag, coat pocket and car glove compartment, in preparation for Cupid and his trusty arrow.

Lip Balm Loss

Now is it just me who usually buys twenty thousand lip balms over the course of the year and loses them almost (if not) immediately? Only for them to reappear eighteen months later covered in fluff and chewed on slightly, by what you can only hope was your cat.

So you can only imagine my delight when the wonderful ladies over at Lypsyl sent me their whole range. Seven little tubes of lip licking scents, that means with my track record of lip balm loss, they should keep me stocked up for four months.

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Lypsylcompact lipbalm

We have got –

Uplifting Strawberry and Pomegranate

Revitalising Cherry & Almond

Invigorating SPF15 Mint and Fennel

Refreshing SPF15 Cucumber & Aloe

Sensual SPF15 Coconut & Almond

SPF15 The Original

SPF 50 with Vanilla

These light and non-greasy formulas contain a  blend of natural Shea and Cocoa butter, Avocado Oil, Beeswax, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. So super hydrating for the lips, but you will need to reapply quite frequently, which really isn’t a big deal when your basting your lips in such yumminess.

The Unsung Beauty Heros

Lypsylcompact lipbalm


What really excites me (well as much as any lip balm can) is their newly launched compact lip balms!

They come in a matte, almost rubber-like packaging, that really floats my boat. Inside each little compact is nine grams of lip balm, and a nifty little mirror, that’s the perfect lip size,


Fresh Orange Blossom*

*(I have to take a minute here for this one. My fave of the bunch, this smells like what I can only imagine what Polly Pocket would smell like in real life. So delicate, sweetly fragranced and soft. This is not sweet enough to be Barbie, but gentle enough to be Polly. Your gonna have to go with me on that one guys.)

Zingy Mandarin

Luxeorouius Vanilla

The Orginal

Lypsylcompact lipbalm


With all the benefits of the original tube formulas and that sexy matte packaging that will appeal to almost all beauty junkies, these little compacts make for a great, throw it in your handbag and go.

 Grab yours here!


Lypsyl lipbalm

Lypsyl was kind enough to send me these, but all thoughts and comparisons to Polly Pocket are my own.

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