The Vibrating (?!) Foundation Brush

Magnitone Blending Brush


The Vibrating Makeup Brush.

When Magnitones Blendup Vibra-Sonic landed on my doorstep I didn’t know what to think.

Was Magnitone collaborating with Ann Summers and was makeup application really about to become that kinky!

All I knew was that I didn’t want the wrong eyes to catch sight on this contraception and wonder why on earth I was standing on my doorstep at half eight in the morning in my dressing gown, looking wide-eyed at what looks like a rather strange looking sex toy.

Now I love a good gadget (even if it does look like it belongs in an 80s porn movie), so like the good blogger I am, I promptly ran upstairs to test out this new brush that has had so many golden reviews across the internet that I was begging to wonder if maybe all manual brushes would be made redundant and soon we would have a collection of vibrating brushes fro all our whims and needs.

Slapping on some MAC studio fix (full coverage foundation, I wasn’t about to let the brush get it easy) I turn on the (my) vibrator (LOL) function and set to work at blending my foundation in.

Did it work? YEP!

Did it work better than a non-vibrating foundation brush? NOPE!

I honestly don’t understand the fuss about these brushes? Yes, it blends in my foundation, but so does the buffing brush that I paid £5 for off of eBay. No magic happened, even though am still not sure what I was expecting to happen…

Maybe I’m just that good at blending in my foundation in the first place that I was never really going to benefit from this brush? Who knows. I did, however, find a great alternative use for it one Sunday morning after having one too many wines the night before (minds out the gutter people!). Pressing the brush into the sides of my temple whilst it was on vibrate actually helped to ease my headache!


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Magnitone Blending BrushMagnitoneBrush


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