• Beauty Resoulution​s
  • Beauty Resoulution​s

    1 – I will, I will, I WILL. Remove all my makeup at night. Even if I’ve had a glass or two of dancing juice and would rather deal with the aftermath of waterproof mascara and red lipstick that will leave me looking like the love child of Kung Fu Panda and the Joker.

    sunday Riley

    Sunday Riley Blue Moonnh

    2- Stop buying unnecessary product because of FOMO. I have one face, why do I need fourteen foundations!?

    3 – No more playing it safe. Its so easy to fall into a rut (especially as the years go by) so this year I’m going to use the eyeshadow that I would usually avoid in my makeup palette, and if I wanna wear the burgundy mascara, I’m gonna do it. Put a big painted middle finger up to society and you do you.

    4 – Embrace my skin more. My skins pretty clear (with the exception of Sandra* that pops up for her monthly visit on my chin) so why I slather on foundation, concealer, blusher, etc every day can only be due to my own self-confidence, but that’s a whole different resolution altogehter to tackle.

    5 – Find a hairstyle and rock it. The bird’s nest look that I’ve been sporting over the festive period just isn’t working for me anymore. I frequently dye my own hair much to every hairdresser in existences dismay, and I can go for so long between hair appointments that I care to admit. I will find my own Rachel haircut this year.

    6 – Nails, nails, nails. I bite them, enough said.

    *no offence to any Sandras out there, Im actually quite found of mine, she makes me feel like a teenager again.


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